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Wedding planning is all about the two of you, your plans, relationship and dreams. The only people you need to please at your wedding are yourselves, keep this in mind during the planning process.

If you have been following me for a while now you have noticed that I have a unique and very detailed approach to wedding planning. I always make sure that I take you and your guests on a journey on your wedding day that everyone will remember for many years. I want to see your personality coming through in the smallest design elements and love providing deep emotions through the decor for you and your invited guests. I love getting to know you as deep as possible during the planning process and making sure that nothing is missed on the day. Wedding planning is about creating a design that means a lot for both of you and others to recognise your personality and love in the details instantly as they step inside your venue or arrive at your outside wedding.

If all the above is what you want to create on your day then our relationship was created in heaven and we can achieve all of this together. I encourage you to bring your personality and think outside the box during the planning process by implementing new ideas and adding quirky decor items to your design. I am 100% sure that together we can create your dream wedding day that will be filled with emotions that you will always remember on every wedding anniversary. 

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I love meeting you for the first time and having a chat along with a coffee while we are discussing your wedding details.

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I love having proposals because these are great guidelines for you, However, I also love tailoring them to suit only you.

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After the engagement probably the next most important thing is to choose your wedding day. We can then tailor everything around this date.

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The Process

The Process

.Venue recommendation and secure your favourite venue

.Suppliers sourcing

.Be the contact for vendors 

.Design and styling your day

.Table mockup

.It is really thoughtful to all details

.Providing planning spreadsheets

.Contract and budgeting

.Setting up and decorating your venue

.Day management

.Meetings, calls and emails


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Your dream wedding, where you want it.

I make couples wedding dreams come true by over exceeding their wedding expectations and creating a design that they couldn’t imagine themselves. I am the brides’ best friend. I make sure that no details are missing & the wedding is special to the couple which comes through the location, venue and every part of the design. I take every wedding as equally important and put lots of hours into each wedding, so when it comes to the wedding day everything is perfect!


In my opinion it is very important to discuss the wedding budget in that initial meeting, so I know instantly the type of wedding I am planning, how wild I can go with the design and details and can associate with the suppliers I can contact to work with.

I only offer tailored made services and I personalise all of my final offers. I believe every couple has different needs, therefore my final proposals are tailored to their requests.

Every wedding is unique. But one of my favourite stories is a wedding that I was planning 4 years ago or even more now for a couple where the bride was in Sydney and the groom in London during the planning period. I was working for a destination wedding company in London at that time and the couple booked us in just a couple of months before their chosen wedding day. They had a big wedding in numbers and huge budget to work with, so the pressure was on!!  However, I enjoyed every minute of the planning and lots of phone calls with the groom. Funnily enough I was working on the wedding details with the groom and not the bride. I became a very good friend during this three months with them so in the end I decided to go and coordinate their wedding day which was in Santorini even though we had a coordinator based there. It was fantastic and a huge success!

My 3 tips for couples who are starting their wedding planning are BE FLEXIBLE ~ so you can truly enjoy the planning process as it is so much fun; things can rapidly change in this current world we live, GET ORGANISED EARLY ~ it makes the planning easier, HIRE A Wedding Planner ~ it helps you with the little details that can be otherwise missed & keep you on track.