The Wedding Company represents creative island design with special attention to detail and the quality of decor items used. With my true passion for elegant styling and my perfectionist attitude for creating unique and exquisite design concepts, I always aim to exceed your expectations not only with my design ideas but also in regards to the services I offer. I can’t settle for anything less than finding that WOW factor that suits your style and takes your breath away. From mood board planning to setting up the tables on the day, a heart-capturing wedding journey is guaranteed with lots of fun and laughter with me.

A magical light empowers my entire soul, when I can smell the scent of flowers as I step into your ceremony venue or when the candles and fairy lights light up the full venue at your wedding reception and creates this sweet romantic feeling which I love seeing with my whole heart. These kind of weddings I am passionate about creating, the ones that have deep meanings, beautiful emotions, extraordinary style, everlasting memories to tell and filled with the charm of YOUR LOVE wherever I look. ⁠


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There is only one aim I have in my mind during the planning stage which is to create something that elevates your design and helps you celebrate your special connection in a very personalised way. I feel very lucky to be able to do what I love doing which is designing memorable experiences with uniqueness and style. ⁠

I am forever grateful for my job and the guidance I receive every day from those who support me on this journey.⁠

The wedding day is like a famous Jazz Orchestra. All the different instrument players and singers need to perform music that allows them to improvise and play chords by following the rhythm by memory that makes a big and powerful sound and creates a sweet harmony as an overall experience.⁠

The heart of The Wedding Company is authentic ever lasting feelings, romantic desire, deep passion and unforgettable experiences for you who are looking to create something outstanding and unique for your wedding day. Who are looking for more than one day celebration and want to make sure that your wedding will have a meaning in every invited guests' life.

I hope you will fall in love with the  wedding philosophy of The Wedding Company and I can give you some fantastic inspiration for your wedding through my style shoot and wedding styling approach.

"Together we can face any challenges as deep as the ocean and as high as the sky."

Sonia Gandhi

I believe in the power of Love. I can't think of anything more magical and romantic than celebrating Love.