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You might think my love towards Guernsey, the island I am lucky enough to call home, influences my belief that Guernsey is a fantastic wedding destination and more people need to know about it. Well, you might even be (slightly) right in this, but I wouldn’t tell you about something if I didn’t believe in […]

Why is Guernsey one of the top wedding destinations?

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ISLAND WEDDINGS ARE LIKE GETTING MARRIED IN NEW YORK For me, island weddings are like celebrating your special day in a high-end venue in London or New York. The experience is unforgettable, everyone will talk about it for years and it also costs quite a bit for you to be able to provide this exceptional […]

can you afford to get married on an island?

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The truth is it is all in the details. The key to styling your wedding is finding those little details that represents your love, vision, personality and adding them to the overall design that makes the concept complete. Once you know your wedding date and venue for your event and you start working on your […]

how to stand out in your wedding design


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